Why Start a Blog?

So, what is The Traveling Empty Nester all about?  In a nutshell, it’s about me (Clare), my travels, my photographs, and my adventures as I get used to being an empty nester.

My husband and I managed to raise three kids in Sugar Land, Texas and now the last one has headed off to college. What does that mean for me?  More time to travel! I’ve always had the travel bug, but it intensified when I turned 50. Instead of grieving my half-century mark, I decided to celebrate it – the whole year – by traveling.  A lot.  And it was fabulous!

Traveling as an Empty Nester

I still love traveling with my family but I also travel with friends and now travel solo. I’m trying new and exciting types of trips that I never dreamed I would do, and while I get nervous sometimes, I know that I will never get these opportunities again.

One item that I like to take with me on my travels is my camera.  I have a great love for my Sony A7Riii.  I shoot with a variety of lenses and will never claim to be a professional, but it is fun for me and allows me to be creative.  I’ve recently drowned my GoPro Karma Drone, so I am researching a different drone to purchase.  I believe this will take my photography to an entirely new level!

While I still have a full-time job, a husband, a dog, two cats, and those three kids, I hope to travel and photograph as much as I can.  And through this blog, I will be able to document my journey with all of you.  Thanks for coming along!




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