About The Traveling Empty Nester

About The Traveling Empty Nester

Hi, I'm Clare! I'm an empty nester and travel planner who is here to show people my age how much fun traveling can be after kids leave the nest.

If you want to know a little about what got me here, we have to back it up... a lot. Blogging wasn't even an option when I left college and had to get a real job. In fact, the internet hadn't even been invented yet! Kids have it so easy these days!

Folks in my generation were raised to get a job, get married, raise some kids, buy a house... you get the picture.

Well, I did those things. I got that steady job, I raised three kids, and my husband and I own a home. I've worked for my family's IT business for the last 27 years. Yes, that's not a typo. This was just before the internet became a thing.

There were still many years before apps like Facebook, Instagram, or anything resembling social media. I think the first big site was Myspace. Does anyone remember that one? Yeesh.

The Traveling Empty Nester in Bali

After Kid #3 went to college, I found myself as an empty nester with a lot more time on my hands. I was also turning the half-century mark. The Big 5-0.

I figured I had two choices. I could wallow in my misery that I was old enough to have three kids college-age, let alone graduate from college as Kid #1 did.

Or I could book some trips. This sounded a lot more fun. I booked the trips I had on my bucket list.

Dubai ? Check.

The Maldives? Check.

Solo trips? Check.

I find as I get older, I don't care what I look like if I'm at a restaurant by myself asking for a table for one. My younger self would have been horrified.

I never realized how much I would enjoy traveling solo. It actually became necessary because I could not always find someone to travel with me. Rather than stay home, I went anyway.

Are you an empty nester? It's time to find out how to enjoy traveling after kids leave the nest.

I've always loved photography and I've always been the one in the family who planned our trips, so it made sense to originally mash all that up into a travel blog with pretty pictures and travel tips.

But I believe this blog has evolved into a community of like-minded folks who are here for the journey, supporting not only me but each other in their transition into empty nester life.

If you are looking for someone who aims to visit every country, I am not your girl. I'm someone who will return to a location she likes several times to really get to know its charm.

What you will get is someone who sincerely wants to help anyone who is chasing their dreams, no matter their age. If any of that appeals to you, I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride.

Fast Facts

Where I got married - Oahu, Hawaii

Where I currently live - Sugar Land, Texas (Yes, it's a real place)

Countries visited - Over 40

First Tattoo - Yep!  In 2018

Family Facts

Kid #1 - Graduated from St. Edward's University and married his high school sweetheart. They live in Austin, Texas

Kid #2 - Finished her degree at the University of Texas in Childhood Development and is currently working in Sugar Land, TX.

Kid #3 - Graduated from Ole Miss in 2020 and currently lives in Austin, TX

Pets - Three rescue cats who actually run the house; Phantom, Nugget and Camper

Grandpets - Archie (cat), rescued right before the big freeze of 2021 and Lady Bird (dog), a every-dog-disease-you-could-imagine survivor

Ready to plan the trip you've always wanted?