Cozumel Bar Hop

What kind of excursion do you look for when you want to see four pretty beaches, cool bars and have someone else drive you around the island of Cozumel?  It’s the Cozumel Bar Hop!  We had the opportunity to do this excursion on our recent cruise on Harmony of the Seas, and I must say, it was one of the best excursions we have ever done.

The Route

Our meeting place was at Senor Frogs at the Punta Langosta Pier Terminal.  We were greeted by Colleen, our tour guide, and taken to the Cozumel Bar Hop van.  We had reserved our spot online with a down payment and paid the balance in cash  ($57 total) when we got to the van.  After going over a few rules for the day, we were off!

Cozumel Bar Hop Route

The tour takes you to four beach bars on the East side of Cozumel:  Punta Morena, Coconuts, Playa Bonita and Rastas.

Our Day

The entire tour took just under five hours and the time just flew!  The East side of Cozumel is not as commercialized as the areas where the cruise ships come in and that is just perfect.  That also means no cell service, no WiFi, and no credit card machines, so bring CASH.  We were given a different shot at each stop – you can drink it or you don’t have to. I didn’t drink alcohol at all during this excursion, and I still had a great time.  My goal was to see lovely beaches that I had not seen before, try some tasty local food and take beautiful pictures.  I got to do all of these things with no stress!

A Yacht?!

Yep, before we got to our first bar, we saw a gorgeous yacht grounded on a beach.  Colleen mentioned that it was big news for Cozumel!  The yacht had been found just a few days before our trip.  Apparently, the owners are from Myrtle Beach , SC and the boat is the Aria.  The last time anyone had heard from the Aria, it was in Jamaica!  At the time of this writing, no one really knew what had happened to the boat, but the owners were okay and happy to know that their boat had been found,  Weird.

Abandoned yacht on Cozumel

The Bars

Our first stop was Punta Morena, which is a nice beach club with a gorgeous beach.  It looks like the facility is adding a pool and other amenities to make it more of a nice beach day spot for cruisers or folks who want to spend the day at an all-inclusive beach club.

Kid #3 on Cozumel

I think our favorite bar was at our next stop, Coconuts.  It’s a cool, laid back bar with good food and a fun atmosphere.  They also have a couple of dogs and a cat, if you are homesick for your pets!

Our third stop was Playa Bonita.  This bar is literally sitting next to the ocean!  The drinks were giant (we were warned) and definitely easy to share.  It was a fun, relaxed bar with great service!

Playa Bonita on the Cozumel Bar Hop

Lastly, our fourth stop was Rastas.  Apparently, the owner is a fan of Bob Marley and has created a bar in his honor.  It was okay, but probably our least favorite.

Overall, my family of six still talk about our tour and how much fun we each had.  Have you ever tried pleasing six different personalities?  It is not for the faint of heart, my friends, but the Cozumel Bar Hop gave each of us a lovely day on Cozumel that we will never forget!

Cozumel Bar Hop Review

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