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After I posted about How to Plan a Cruise, I received lots of feedback from Solo Cruisers who asked specific questions about keeping their costs down.  While I haven’t cruised solo, I know lots of people who do, so I pulled together some information that I hope might be helpful.

Keep Checking on Those Deals!

This is something I do, regardless of whether or not I’m traveling alone or with someone else.  Cruise lines can adjust their pricing at any time, so it pays to keep checking to see if there is a Price Drop, especially if you’re outside of the Final Payment Date.  I have been on 10+ cruises and I have saved money on of them by doing a quick price check every day.

Do a Solo Mock Booking

You can do this by doing a mock booking on your cruise and compare your pricing to what you have already booked. If the cruise line is offering a lower price and it is not after final payment, call the cruise line and request the lower price.  They will honor it.  After final payment, you will not receive any money back, but it can be worth your time if a nicer cabin becomes available for the same price you paid. as a Resource

A great resource for all things to know about cruising is  This website offers reviews and Forums with a variety of subjects; solo cruising is very discussed here!  Take a look at this thread that is dedicated to deals and lower solo supplements for solo cruisers.  How awesome is that?  There’s also an entire Board dedicated to Solo Cruisers found here.

Royal Caribbean

Every Thursday, Royal Caribbean releases their weekly sales, which also shows any solo supplement deals (if any).  Bookmark this page, because it changes every week.

There are a few cabins within the Radiance class of ships, as well as the Anthem of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas that offer ‘studio cabins’ meaning a cabin for one person. These can be hard to find, as they book quickly, but they may also not be the best bang for your buck.  They are tiny but honestly, you can probably find a deal that is probably the same or better price and a nicer cabin.

And Now For the Big Question – Should I Really Cruise By Myself?!

Of course, you should!  Seriously, I can say that since I am an avid cruiser.  People who cruise a lot generally fit into a certain ‘bucket’ – they are adventurous, like meeting new people and are pretty welcoming.  I can’t begin to tell you how many solo cruisers I have met over the years who just love it!  I’m sure the first trip came with a certain amount of apprehension, but at some point, they fell in love with it.


Would you ever cruise solo? Tips and tricks at

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