You may have noticed a few changes to my blog, The Traveling Empty Nester: a new logo, a new look, and feel, a cleaner design.  When I started this blog in January, I wasn’t sure what it would become.  I also wasn’t sure if I would have the time or desire to keep up with a travel blog and was concerned that it would take away some of the joy I get from traveling.  Man, I was completely wrong.

I Knew I Needed Some Help

While my entire career has been managing people in IT, it has been a long time since I sat down and did any real programming.  I contacted my good friend, Steven O’Neill, over at The Five Mediums, to help me out.  While I had an idea about how I wanted my blog to look and feel, I knew I was going to need a professional to help me get it accomplished.  Steven asked me many questions about what I was going for, sites I liked, etc.  Then he sent over several prototypes of my new website.

I Am a Picky Client

After Steven sent over the first round of prototypes, I had to be the problem child and let him know I wasn’t in LOVE with any of them!  He knows me pretty well, so I’m sure this didn’t surprise him!  But the next round of prototypes gave me something I really liked.  They were definitely more like what I had been envisioning.  From there, he and his programmer just ran with it and created a site that I love.  My logo for The Traveling Empty Nester is now very simple and my pages are cleaner and easier to navigate.

A Refreshed Traveling Empty Nester

I decided I really enjoy blogging about my travels and connecting with my followers here on the blog and through social media. I look forward to sharing my travels, the good and the not-so-good.  And I enjoy giving advice on places I’ve traveled and sharing deals when I see them. Who doesn’t like a good travel deal?

2017 is action-packed with travels that I am excited to share with you!  I leave Friday for my first solo trip ever, heading to Europe to attend Megado 2017 in Vienna , Brussels, and Spain.  I will be in Vienna for a few days before Megado and in Mallorca, Spain for a few days afterward.  In October, I will be heading to Ole Miss to visit my daughter for two weekends.  In November will be heading to Kauai with my husband for his birthday.

I hope you enjoy the new layout.  Please let me know what you think!