Frozen Live!

If you get the chance to see Frozen Live! at the Hyperion showing in Disney’s California Adventure, go!  The show has been playing since last summer but is still very popular, so there is some planning involved if you want to get a good seat.

Getting Seats

Folks start lining up an hour to an hour and a half before the show starts.  We did not do that.  I think we got there about a half hour before they opened the doors. You either want to be in the Orchestra or the middle section.  We were able to be in the Orchestra section both times we saw the show, even though we had only waited in line for 30 minutes.  Once they open the doors to the theater, head to the opposite side since most folks tend to walk in and grab the first seat they see available.  The seats on the opposite side of the theater were empty and we easily got two seats in the lower middle section.

The show uses the aisles, the sides and the moving stage of the theater.  It even snows on the audience!  The actors were so talented and clearly wanting to give the audience a good show.  Since we saw the show twice, we had the opportunity to see two different casts.


Review of Frozen Live! at the Hyperion