All Photo Credits go to Las Olas Travel

I was recently contacted by the co-founder of Las Olas Travel, Rachel Wilson, to find out if I had ever done volunteer work during my travels.  While I haven’t yet, it is definitely on my bucket list in the very near future.

Las Olas Travel focuses on volunteer travel in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, providing projects in reforestation working with orphanages and exotic animal rehabilitation. Sounds amazing, right?  The opportunities are endless; not only are you giving back to the community, but you are having your own adventures while doing it!  Want to snuggle with a sloth?  You can do that in Costa Rica!  Want to teach English to Elementary School students?  You can do that in Nicaragua!  These two-week trips are not all work; there are some adventure excursions along the way, as well as Spanish immersion.  It’s important to learn the language!

If you want to take your travels to a new level, give eco-tourism a try.  The folks at Las Olas Travel can book you with an existing trip or they can customize a trip for you.  I’ve linked their website for you to check out, so let me know your thoughts!

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