We arrived on Kauai safe and sound to cloudy skies and crazy wind!  Winds are gusting over 30 miles per hour, which is not the norm.  While the surfers may like it, we’ve seen electricity poles snapped in half and the power has been flickering on and off.  But, I’m still on Kauai and I couldn’t be happier.

Renting a Home from The Parrish Collection on Kauai

We are renting a cute little two-bedroom house this week called Home of the Cherished Seacoast, which we leased through the Parrish Collection. We have rented from them on several occasions, and my love for them is strong, Y’all!  They are very easy to work with and you can generally find something within your budget by either checking out their website or giving them a call.  If you haven’t been to Kauai before, they do have a concierge to help with planning your vacation.

So, why a house instead of a hotel?  Lots of reasons!  We are directly in front of the ocean and can watch whales breaching and turtles swimming from our lanai (that’s a porch, for all you mainlanders). For less money than a nice hotel, we have a kitchen, washer, and dryer, two bedrooms/bathrooms = lots of space.  To me, it’s a no-brainer.

Kauai is a pretty small island, which is one of the things I really like about it. We are staying on the south shore but can drive to the north shore in about an hour or so, depending on traffic.  That’s an entirely different story on Maui.  I also love that Kauai is not overly commercialized.  I don’t need to shop at Louis Vuitton or other expensive stores while in Hawaii, although you can do that over on Oahu.  Just give me the sound of the ocean and a really good Mai Tai, and I am a happy girl.