Planning the Trip to Maui

Last summer, to celebrate Kid #3’s high school graduation, my family spent a week on Maui.  And by family, I mean 14 of us – my parents, my siblings, their kids, my kids….you get the picture.  Traveling with family in such a large group is not for the faint of heart. Let’s just say I needed a vacation from that vacation and we’ll leave it at that.  As it happens, I was spending the following week on Kauai with my best friend to celebrate my birthday, so all worked out in the end.

The Home on Maui

Since we had such a large group and all wanted to be together, I booked our accommodations a year before our trip. We ended up in Kihei, Maui which is in on the southwest side of the island.  It’s a great little beach town with easy access to just about everything we wanted to do.  We rented a house called Villa Moana Maui that was perfect for us.  The house is broken up into three sections:  The top floor is the Ocean Villa, which sleeps up to eight people.  Downstairs, there is the Beach Villa, which sleeps up to six people and the Studio which sleeps two people.  It was perfect for us to spread out a little and not be too crowded.  The sections of the house could also be rented separately if you have a smaller group.

Villa Moana Maui in Kihei Maui

The back of the house opened directly to the ocean.  Well, a large yard, some beach and then the ocean.  It was nice to be able to walk right out the back door to see the ocean. To actually swim, though, you had to walk down the beach a bit because it was pretty rocky right behind the house.

Our host was lovely and very helpful on a couple of small issues we had.  The neighborhood was mostly quiet, except for the VA Hall next door.  They had a couple of picnics while we were there, but as far as we were concerned, they were Vets and could do anything they wanted.  Thank you for your service!  LOL!  They closed things down pretty early in the evening, so noise was not a factor.

Please let me know if you have any more questions about the house.  I’ll be doing more posts about our week on Maui.