In September, I had an opportunity to stay at the Park Hyatt Mallorca at the end of Megado 2017.  After a whirlwind trip with fellow Megado-ers, ending at the Park Hyatt Mallorca was a welcome ending to an eventful day.

The Hotel

The hotel is relatively new and is absolutely stunning.  It is cut into the hills, using local stone and rock throughout the resort.  Because this place is so spread out and hilly, I got quite the work out while I was photographing the facility.

We ended Megado 2017 at this resort, but I decided to stay for a couple of extra nights to enjoy the resort and its facilities before heading back to Texas.


The resort is about an hour drive from the Palma de Mallorca airport, on the very eastern side of Mallorca, Spain.  You can easily get to cool little beach towns by way of a taxi (we arranged this through the hotel) or choose to spend your holiday at the resort.  There is plenty to do!

My Room

My room was booked using Megado’s discounted rate and I was very pleased with the room.  While it wasn’t as big as my suite at the Park Hyatt Vienna, it was arranged nicely and very comfortable.  The room happened to be at the very top of the resort, so I did utilize the available golf carts several times.  Coincidently, I spent a lot of time on my outdoor patio, either writing or working, enjoying the sunsets and overlooking the property.


The resort offers several restaurants, all with different options for every taste imaginable. I ate breakfast at Balearic each morning and chose different places for lunch and dinner, including the poolside bar and room service.  At each location, service was exceptional and the food was fantastic.  It is also very easy to go into the town nearby, which has a ton of restaurants around the port area.  While we didn’t have time for dinner, we did stop for gelato.


I was given a gift certificate to try out the spa, which was stunningly beautiful and serene. I was not allowed to take pictures for obvious privacy reasons.  But I was happy I had an opportunity to experience the facility before I left to head back home.  My spa room had a fantastic view of the valley.  I went at the end of the day and as a result, I got to enjoy my sunset while I was getting a facial.  No complaints!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Park Hyatt Mallorca for anyone wanting to see this part of Spain. Above all, it’s the perfect mix of maintaining existing grounds and views while offering amazing services and restaurants.  Even though it’s a large property, it’s just lovely.  I can’t wait to return to spend more time in the area.

Have you ever been to Mallorca, Spain?


Review of the Park Hyatt Mallorca