One of our favorite things to do while on any of the Hawaiian islands is to go snorkeling, either from the beach or by boat. From Maui, you have access to the Molokini Crater, which is one of only three volcanic calderas in the world.  Boats moor on the inside of the crater and snorkelers get to enjoy the protection of the crater from crazy waves, but also enjoy the reef that has developed along the crater itself.

Our Snorkeling Excursion

We used Sail Maui for our trip and were very pleased with the boat and crew.  Our boat was smaller than some of the giant catamarans you see.  Giant boat = lots of people.  I prefer a smaller boat and I enjoy getting to know the captain and crew.  The crew was fabulous. They made sure we were all safe and were in the water with us while we were snorkeling.

Molokini Snorkeling on MauiPhoto credit – Pride of Maui

Since the currents weren’t too bad, we were allowed to snorkel on the outside of the crater, just past the Reef’s End.  They called it the Drop Off.  Has anyone ever seen the movie The Abyss?  Yep, that’s what it reminded me of.  We crossed the Reef’s End and sure enough, the crater dropped off dramatically into a whole lot of deep, deep water. Holy sh!tballs! I was quite happy making my way back to the inside of the crater.

We had a lovely day and would definitely book with Sail Maui again.